The Truth About My Body Transformation (and how I look now...)

The Truth About My Body Transformation (and how I look now...), motivation
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The Truth About My Transformation (and how I look now...)
This is my Fit to Fat to Fit journey,
I have tried to lose weight a lot before, I wanted to look shredded, I worked hard but didn’t end up getting really shredded and after all the weight loss I gained it all back, I didn’t reach my ultimate goal; look shredded and have the best physique I have ever had before I turn 20 years old. My 20th birthday is in a little over 30 days. So 30 days to transform myself, let’s go.
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  1. Browney

    BrowneyΠριν χρόνο

    So many epic things coming (yes as epic as the intro of this video) - Get ready!

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    SenpaiリヴァイΠριν χρόνο

    If we do every day , that exercise can remove fat?

  4. Senpaiリヴァイ

    SenpaiリヴァイΠριν χρόνο

    Really good

  5. guilherme Baranovski

    guilherme BaranovskiΠριν χρόνο

    Browney a video of all the supplements you take, Explaining why and when you take it could be pretty cool 💪🏼

  6. Jose Delgado

    Jose DelgadoΠριν χρόνο

    Browney what is that cool intro called?

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    De habla hispana pero igual de sigo desde hace 3años jsjsjsj, sois un crack papa

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    69 dislike 😂😂

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    Browney: I need to stop that(telling people to like) 2 secs later: I like that and u can like 😂😂😂

  10. Sante Brew-smith

    Sante Brew-smithΠριν 9 μήνες

    What split do u do

  11. Paroex

    ParoexΠριν 10 μήνες

    The only part of your body that body fat scales can tell you anything about, is your lower body. The current runs up one leg and down the other, so it has no idea about what's going on with your upper body. You could be carrying the vast majority of your fat around your belly (as many guys do) and even as you burn off most of it over several weeks, the scales could tell you that you're essentially not changing at all, because you're not losing much fat on your legs and butt. Additionally, training, weight change and hydration status are factors which affect body tissue density, which will make the scale not only consistently inaccurate (which you touched on in your video; if it's always +2% off, you can still compare day 1 and day 30) but actually inconsistently inaccurate (i.e. it might have an error of +2% on day 1 but -3% on day 30). Journal article on variation in tissue density: Journal article on comparing body fat measurement methods:

  12. Michiel Wils

    Michiel WilsΠριν χρόνο

    Your humor is the same ass me :D hahah :D (get is ass) 8:46 - I need to stop that but I like it and you can like the v.. It killed me :D :D Same as it killed you at that time :D

  13. Tim

    TimΠριν χρόνο

    I want to see a video about your supplement / steroid stack

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    the music at 9:45


    TANMAY LAGHWEΠριν χρόνο

    2:59 seriously dude i have acne on my back, shoulder & neck since my teen age & i didn't even work out back then. I'm 18 now & acne on back & shoulders appear & disappear some times randomly. I have never been to a gym & haven't taken any kind of supplement specialty not steroids, you don't have any acknowledge about the 'fitness industry ' & i think every boy have acne on his back & shoulder in teenage to early 20's.

  16. Alex Hutrapa

    Alex HutrapaΠριν 9 μήνες

    That wasnt acne lmao

  17. Mike Kloosterman

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    Browney ben je Nederlands

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    Can you still front lever for long?

  19. Teh Lemmiq

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    Bro dit geeft me niet meer motivatie maar jou body en die van mij en dat ik al 3 jaar gym ga zorgt juist voor minder motivatie 😂😂

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    I bought that scale in .01 second😂

  21. Pierron9119

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    I bought a scale

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    Lol he is dutch

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    Can you add polish subtitles?

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    I am so confused. Is he on steroids?

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    No one: Not a single soul: Browney: How I got shredded

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    Intro longer than the trailers at the cinema

  27. TechniqueTom

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    Intro longer than the trailers at the cinema

  28. Dio Brando

    Dio BrandoΠριν χρόνο

    Yo Browney I'm a your new subscriber and I'm doing 120 push-ups a day, 5 days per week for this month (november 2019) and my goal is to keep increasing the numbers every month. (Last month I've done a hundred push-ups a day). But I want to go further like jogging to build my leg muscles and do pull-up to further strengthen my arm but I'm too shy to do it in public. So what's your opinion on run in place? Is that a good workout?

  29. David Hsiao

    David HsiaoΠριν χρόνο

    I feel like you can change your title/thumbnail to something more appealing. (Just saying what it is is good, but there could be more in my opinion) The EDITING and the VIDEO content definitely deserves way more views!!!!

  30. Browney

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    Thank you for the support! Title looks optimized to me haha, any suggestions?

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    Do the Bring Sally Up push up challenge.

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    @browney stop scamming

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    Browney i commented 30days transformation

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    What are you talking about

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    Browney dude we talked about this before

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    Watch the video before you comment

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    This is how I look now... go's and gets a pump. Fucking love it haha

  38. Browney

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    Mainly did that because I am obviously compared to my physique at the end of the shred (with an outrageous pump) This pump was nothing compared to that haha.

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    Das bobbejaanland

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    Efteling ;)

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    at 10.07 I am thinking what your neighbours thinks when you stays in underwear in your backyard LOL

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  43. Konsta Koivukangas

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    It has been over a year from the video where you attempted The Impossible Pull-up! Would you like to try it again? Third time is the charm!

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    Good call!

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    Heyy! Which equipment do you use for bodybuilding?

  51. David Yucson

    David YucsonΠριν χρόνο

    I have this scale and been using it for four years now. Honestly amazing to have especially during your cut. As he said everytime you step on it the numbers may slightly change, nothing major though. Overall a fantastic scale to keep track of how much fat you’re losing while tracking how much muscle you’re keeping during your cut.

  52. Alexandru Podoleanu

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    when u said cut,i thought you meant haircut😅

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    Steroids!!! No, no, no, water!!!😂

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    'I definitely smash my girls, I hope you smash yours.' - Browney 2019

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    Read this this in browney accent its much better 😂

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    Yes I am human sorry 🤯

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    Would you consider intermittent fasting

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    Have done that quite a lot in the past and still sometimes do it

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    Are you netherlands?

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    I am the entire country

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    lol i don't even workout but i have veins on my chest and shoulders when i am sweaty XD

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    Been subscribed since 87k and now we here proud of you man💪

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    Haha precies, thanks!

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